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We are the recruitment agency for Southern European professionals for the Dutch market. For 8 years we have been the market leader and specialist in supplying qualified or specialized professionals from Southern Europe and Latin America for the Netherlands. Every year we mediate over 6000 people to jobs in the Logistics, Hospitality, Healthcare and Technical sectors. We help you find the best people, for temporary or permanent employment.

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Our people

Where do you get good workers today? We believe in a European labor market. That is why we have been placing excellent temporary workers from Southern Europe in the Netherlands for over 8 years. We help you to grow, with the right people on board.

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Our method

We look beyond our borders. We recruit and select talent from Southern Europe and South America. They are well-educated, speak English and have a European passport. But above all, they are incredibly motivated to work, as opportunities in Southern Europe are limited due to high unemployment. We arrange the selection, contract, accommodation and guidance in the Netherlands. A proven formula for us.

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Employing our people

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We provide the perfect match between a company's demand and our people's expectations. 





We make sure the professional feels welcome

We support the professional throughout every step: from leaving their home until they start at their new job.


We provide housing and guarantee ‘single’ housing, which means that they always have their own bedroom. 


We provide support with each step, from their home country to their new hometown. We welcome the professional and familiarize them with their new environment. 


We give tips and tricks to make this new adventure as good as possible. So that the professional will get a running start. 

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